It is a pride for our real estate agency to offer a range of services orientated to the customer, are main object is not only to meet with buyers expectation but for the purchase, rental or sale of the property be an unique experience.

Aloha Property Finder offers a select range of Real Estate Service for the all it’s customer as from legal advice to maintenance and cleaning properties. These facilities begins at the very first moment when a client contact us being interested in any of the properties in Marbella and it extends until the purchase of the property is completed.

Our experts  accomplish a precise analysis of each one of our houses and luxury villas by studying with dedication the quality , location, rules and features of all the properties to facilitate the process of purchasing o sell your home. The experience enable them to achieve the best deals and to help in all matters.

Aloha Property Finder is conscious in promoting and in providing visibility in internet of the properties in Marbella and it’s surroundings. Therefore , we are actively present in an international network of real estates portal and directories providing a wider dissemination on-line luxury homes. Let yourself be advised by our experts and we shall make the purchase or sell of the your home an easy experience that will go beyond your expectations .

Properties Maintenance and cleaning services

Aloha Property Finder is a Company that wishes to provide to their clients an exceptional service . Hence, we keep in mind the needs of our buyers once the purchase o rental process of your luxury home is completed. We are aware that in many occasion our clients are away from their homes in Marbella during long period of time.  And who better than Aloha Property Finder to take care of your luxury homes during your absence?  During many years of experience, our Real Estate Agency has gathered the best professionals, the best resources and the best organisation system to manage the maintenance and cleaning services of  any property in Marbella, always with our sign of distinction : the good work and confidence .

This is how Aloha Property Finder offers the following maintenance and cleaning services to their clients:

  • General cleaning of homes and business
  • Property maintenance
  • Periodical inspection of your property with provision of report
  • Laundry
  • General repairers: electricity,  plumbing, painting and small works

Legal advice

Following our philosophy of trust and seriousness that distinguish our Real Estate Agency, we have included a complementary service of legal advice . This is a further step to cover all the needs of our clients during the process of sell, purchase or rental of a luxury home with excellence.
Aloha Property Finder has the support of Martinez- Echevarria advocates one of the firm with more prestige and career in Spain.

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